Why is my ex lying to his brother about me?

My ex and I broke up in January. We were off and on since he moved away last June and doing long-distance. We’ve been broken up for over a month with no contact.

My ex’s brother and I are friends and talk sometimes. He’s in a relationship with someone and they’re happy and we don’t hangout face to face or anything. My ex was always insecure with my relationship with his brother because the brother and I had hooked up before in the past (while my ex and I were NOT together), but there is nothing going on between us.

My ex has a YouTube channel and he actually makes profit from it. Well, I watched a video of his and at the start he said he was back in town because of a family emergency. I didn’t text or call him, but I was worried maybe one of their family members passed away or something. I was debating on reaching out to his brother, just to see if things were okay. I ended up waiting a few days before asking.

When I reached out to my ex’s brother, he told me there was no family emergency and that my ex had just came on an impromptu visit, out of the blue. He also told me that my ex texted him while he was on his way to his GF’s house and told him that I messaged my ex saying his brother was on his way over to my house to spend the night with me. I was confused because obviously I did not text him. It’s like he was trying to “catch” us or something.

His brother also told me, that while he was down, my ex kept telling him that I kept begging to see him (my ex) and spend time with him. Another lie. I never tried texting or calling him, not even once.

After all this, I messaged my ex and asked him why he lied and said those things. I guess he didn’t expect his brother to tell me, and then he proceeded to lose his sh*t on me and started insulting me, calling me a “wh**e” and to stop talking to his family.

I feel like he actually may be paranoid that me and his brother have a secret thing going on or something, but I just also don’t it. Help?
Why is my ex lying to his brother about me?
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