Is it now worth pursuing her and asking her out on a date?

I’ve been friends with this women for over a year now and I’ve helped her through some tough personal problems.

Sometimes while talking to her I’ve seen had look at me from afar or when I was sitting I could see her looking at me from the corner of my eye.

Earlier this week I shared the most intense eye contact with her to a point she shook her head to snap out of it and she then smiled as her face went to a natural position.

The following day she totally ignored me and things got really awkward. I saw her in the morning and she was a little annoyed/mad at me. I said Hi and she gave me a half hearted response by just moving her hands.

She seemed nervous. Every time I walked past her she’d turn and walked the other way or speak to her friend. So I started ignoring her too. But she still texted me a little while later initiating conversation.

Today, I spoke to her in the morning and things were slightly awkward and she seemed nervous but she kept staring at me and looking me in the eyes.

I continued to ignore her for a while and later on in the afternoon I spoke to her and our eyes kept meeting while we spoke.

About 20 mins later she called me and we had a conversation and she seemed relaxed like nothing had happened. This evening she called me again and we spoke and tone of her voice was very different. It was as if she was happy and chirpy to talk to me.

Is this a sign of interest? Is it worth pursuing?
Is it now worth pursuing her and asking her out on a date?
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