Should I give up my rights or not?

I have a 8 y. o son when he was about 3 and a half me and his mother got divorced even though she had a domestic battery charge in all of this the courts still ruled in her favor and gave me 1 hour a week supervised visits with him which they wanted me to be up to date on child support and since she lived ~120 miles away to travel ~ 80 to do the visits at that time I was homeless jobless and had no means of being able to make the visits fast forward 4 years and I'm almost 20k in debt on back child support and 3 months away from getting my license back I am a mechanic and haven't been able to work legitimately due to my license being suspended I work for myself atm because if I were to be working a minimum wage job I wouldn't be able to live let alone take care of my other two kids my son's mother has let me come back around to see him several times each time for a steady month or so then finds some reason to say I can't see him she has a new man in her life that my son has taken a liking to since he's around 24/7 and she's wanting me to allow him adopting my son and I just don't know what I should do or who to go to about this a soon as my license is reinstated I plan on having child support caught up withing a year since I'll be making that kind of money again and I'll be able to start seeing him wether she want it or not what do I do?
Should I give up my rights or not?
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