Why do people want to get married and have kids in their 20s?

Man. I am a senior in highschool and all every girl wants to do is get married young and start a family at 20. Heck, these people wanna get married to their highschool boyfriends which let's be honest, it ain't gonna work out and they only care about your body at this age... and this is coming from somebody who's never been in a relationship. And I'm like shit... I wanna get married in my mid to late 30s when I have stability, marry a mature man with a stable career, and maybe have a couple of kids. I mean to be a 20 something year old "hot mom" going to parent teacher meetings, having no freedom, and having a higher chance of divorce because they married only for love and not stability, and then to be a single mother with shared custody who dates around their children and retires early because all the kids are gone doesn't sound very appealing to me. And I know this isn't everyone, but majority wise that seems to be the case. Like you're not "too old" to have kids in your 30s. Hell, my parents had kids in their mid 40s! I just don't get it. It's so obvious that this is real but young folks with their lovers seem to believe that they're the exception to the rule and only see through role colored glasses. I don't know. Is this making sense? Am I wrong to want to be a bit more grown up before settling down?
Why do people want to get married and have kids in their 20s?
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