Want to meet a woman I have been talking to in Brazil. But Covid makes this complicated. What should I do?

So basically, I have been dating a while. And to be honest, American women are a pain in the ass. I have dated non American women before and they are much more feminine and kind to men. I also love hispanic women lol.

I have been talking to a Brazilian woman casually over the last year or so, when we were both single, then I dated someone and we started talking again when that ended. She seems perfect. She is beautiful, funny, caring, and wants the same things as me. And not looking for a green card, lol. She would like to stay in brazil, but seems open to living elsewhere if she is able to visit enough.

The problem. She lives in Brazil, and they are not able to travel to the US right now. I would have to go visit her. I have been vaccinated, but I have never traveled outside the US by myself, let along to meet someone I have only talked with over video call. I do trust her for the most part, but it still makes me nervous. Especially since I don't speak portuguese, I only know the basics.

Also, I would need to tell my family, and I believe they will think it is crazy, especially to do it during covid. I told my brother, and he thought I was stupid. He said at least bring them here first. Brazil is not the best place to go right now, and I would need a negative test result to come back to the US, but I also worry about getting stuck there longer if something happens.

Most people think its desperate or stupid, why can't you find something here? It's not that I can't find women here, its just that American women these days just seem to difficult, they are never happy, and have a lot of expectations for men, but none for themselves and how they act. I'm kind of tired of it.

I guess I am worried about the logisitics of it, and the danger, but I'm a cautious person, maybe I should say fuck it, and follow my heart. Anyone have any experience or advice for this situation?
Want to meet a woman I have been talking to in Brazil. But Covid makes this complicated. What should I do?
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