Do u think he has a crush on me? He s 42 im 25?

When im around he always says : im old, i have double your age, ... he s always complaining about his age when im around.
He calls me babe and say im like his sister. He loves hugging me. He is my boss. He is so nice to people not only me.
But he talks differently with me i can feel it.
Yesterday i called him to wish him a happy birthday. He was shoked cause he ve never told me when was his birthday.
He laugh but i felt like he didn't like it. He told me yeah see im old and tell no one that it was his birthday.
That hurts me cause i was expecting him to be happy but i felt he was not. I felt like he didn't want me to know his real age. (I knew it from internet ). What do think? He was complaining when i wished him a happy birthday!!
Did i hurt his feelings? I didn't mean to
Do u think he has a crush on me? He s 42 im 25?
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