Have you ever been in a 0-100 relationship? How did you handle it?

By 0-100, i mean that, when everything is going good, its fine and dandy but when there's a bit of conflict, they head for the highest possible reaction rather than discuss the issue?

Example, you are in a relationship, and there's a bit of conflict, something minor, and your partner breaks up with you. Or you stay with someone, and every time you disagree, they tell you to pack up and move out, Or you have a friend who is your friend when you can help them, but when you can't, then "this friendship is not going to work".
Situations like these are unhealthy because you will always be on edge, you don't know when they might mean it, and may end up doing a lot of groveling which empowers them even more to keep up that behavior.

I had an ex who, when she wanted me to do something, and i couldn't, and we got into it, i'd try to explain why but she would yell something like "what's the point of having a boyfriend" or "there's no point of us being together"... etc., and then storm out. and i won't hear from her, sometimes for hours, sometimes for days, and she would just contact out of the blue like nothing happened.
I'd be in post break up mode and she'd contact like nothing happened and we were still together. One day i confronted her about it, and of course she takes one of the two paths most women take when directly confronted with an issue they are causing, she said, "you know I'm just joking"...(no i don't, and that's the issue. oh, the other path is anger 😊)
I simply told her that, well, seeing as she never wants to discuss the issue, next time she uses any similar comment, i will enforce it. a couple months went by, i guess she forgot, and we had a disagreement, she "joked" again, i kept my word.

Have any of you guys and gals been in something like this? what did you do?
Have you ever been in a 0-100 relationship? How did you handle it?
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