What does “we need to work on some things mean?”?

Boyfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for about a year. we are both in college. we broke up a year ago because he was messing around with other girls. he decided to stop doing that and clean up his act because he said he loved me and didn’t want to loose me. i’ve been dealing with working on forgiveness but sometimes i get insecure and anxious about him cheating or messing around again. lately, we’ve been dealing with miscommunication issues and i put up with it for about a month. basically, we will only text each other every now and then but he will only call me past 2 am. i am in nursing school and don’t usually stay up that late. even though he knows this, he is always busy during the day and won’t answer my calls. i put up with this for a month until i had enough and called him on it. he said he was going through something and his aunts died at home and that i remind him of what’s going on at home. i told him “i understand but why haven’t you been including me” .. he tells me he has been talking to women friends and male friends instead of me. even though he apologized, i am still insecure. i lashed out and said something i didn’t mean “you are only keeping me around for the summer when u come back” i apologized dearly because i feel bad for being mean but now he is putting me on the silent treatment. he just texted me saying “we have to work on some things.”
What does “we need to work on some things mean?”?
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