Can I get a reistraining order on behalf of someone else?

Let me call her Clara. She is a dear friend of mine. I want her to get a restraining order on her boyfriend, on her behalf. I realized he might be abusive, the day after my birthday. I had her over to celebrate my day, we got drunk, I let her sleep at my place.
She felt it was important to text him the next morning to tell him where she is and why she did not come home. She is not a little girl, and besides she was with me. No reason to be worried.

He must have conditioned her to think its normal to take advantage of people when they are drunk. While she was texting him I told her he has no reason to be worried, I'm not the type of guy who would take advantage of her. She acted like I was creepy for telling her that and excused herself to leave because she was hangover. I asked if she wanted me to follow her home but she refused.

Later that day I texted her that I hope she feels better soon. Got a very late replie. Thinking back, this is not the first time either, she usually text him back right away almost no matter what. Weird how she texts him ASAP but I can wait.
Can I get a reistraining order on behalf of someone else?
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