Why would he think I was pushing him away when that wasn't my expectations?

There is this guy I've been talking to. His communication skills are completely awful. He has a habit of never being on his phone. He's bad at checking it. I've done my best, and I've communicated with him on how it makes me feel. Due to bad anxiety, etc.
I do my best. Try not to overthink anything. I know he's a busy guy. I ALWAYS want somebody to focus on what they have to do first before me. Due to the whole communication thing, I told myself to just focus on me. Do me! Get into college, do this and that.
Before the whole slip, I told him how I felt. How I wish our communication was better. Somehow, he told me stuff like how he was planning on hanging out with me. Too little, too late. Etc. It really made me view him just a tad differently. I explained everything to him.
After I confronted him last on everything, he thought I was pushing him away. When in reality, that isn't even the case. After he found out that wasn't the case, he came over. We cuddled, and he apologized for not being who he was. I just kept silent.

With this guy, I feel like I've done all that I could. I really like this guy. We've talked traveling together, how we feel on a deeper level with each other, this and that.. All we do is just cuddle each other too death, and we started having sex. Then go back into cuddling and smothering. Him refusing to leave my apartment. List goes on..
I'm at the point where I just want more. I feel like we're not really going anywhere. It absolutely hurts me a little because I feel like he also has a hard time letting me go. :/

What do I really do about this? PLEASE do not bash or give me rude comments. Need a form of a reality check, possibly.

Why would he think I was pushing him away when that wasn't my expectations?
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