Can a relationship work when you dislike each others' friends?

My boyfriend has a group of friends that I dislike, the guys in his group are typical wannabe rockstars who drink a lot and have cheated on their girlfriends, and the girls... I hate to say this about other girls, but they're kinda airhead sluts. He says that the more he gets to know these girls the more he likes me, but he still hangs out with them and only has good things to say about them (whereas he can be a bit too critical of me sometimes). I really dislike them. As a matter of fact, he's on his way to the birthday party they organized for him. I won't go, well, because I strongly dislike them and I prefer that he has a good time on his own than having to drag me there and well I don't have much in common with them so I'd get bored. It's not that I don't make an effort, but sometimes, there are people you just don't get along with.

Likewise, he dislikes my friends. We were broken up for a while last year, and my friends badmouthed him. They said he's a jerk who doesn't deserve me. So he dislikes them. But they're my only friends, who've been with me through thick and thin. He always complains about them... but anyway.

We both hang out with our friends separately. I don't have a problem with it, though he says he wishes we had mutual friends sometimes and that we could all hang out together. He expects me to eventually accept his friends and hang out with them, but I know he'll never do the same with my friends, so no. But I wonder if we can make this work? Or is it necessary to like each others' friends and hang out with them?

Can a relationship work when you dislike each others' friends?
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