I cheated on my boyfriend! I lied to 2 men. What should I do? Fight for our relationship or flight?

1) I cheated on my boyfriend through Skype, with a man who lives in the US. Is it possible to love 2 men, or am i laying to myself?

2) About my boyfriend: we ve been together for 3 months. We meet on a dating app in April 2021. He is a gentleman, so kind, hardworking, and he has a great taste in fashion, dirty minded, caring. He is so loving when we are together.

3) About the man in USA: i ve never meet him in real life. Anyway he is so kind, Romantic, funny, dirty minded, hardworking. I meet him on a chat app in February 2021, but i stopped talking to him then. But while i was in a relationship, i wanted to check if people texted me on Skype, and then realised that the man from USA, had been texting me all those past 2 months, i thought it was so sweet and Romantic, so i replied, just to say hi and thank you. But it started to get flirty. I kept saying no and that i dont want to cheat on my boyfriend, he respected that in the begining. But then it began to get flirt again. And i went along with it, because i had feelings for that man too.
4) i cheated with the American man on Skype. We flirted, talked a lot, sexting, facetime sex and we even sayd I LOVE YOU each other. YEAH I KNOW HOW BAD IT SOUNDS.
5) i am not sure why i cheated on my boyfriend. Maybe it ja becsuse i felt lonely, bored, and irritated on by boyfriend. I was annoyed many times on my boyfriend for not being social, for Reading and ignoring my texted and not answerimg many times, for telling me to wait many times and forgetting to respond. I was annoyed that i was the only one asking him to meet many times. It all made me feel less worthy everyday.
6) i confessed to my boyfriend that i cheated and lied. He was so sad. He wanted to know everything, so i told him, but i didn't tell him why i cheated. I Only told him like 10% why i cheated on him. And told him everything is my fault, i did wrong.
7) now he is still trying to process everything and decide if we can continue to be together or not.
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I know even if my boyfriend ever forgive me, be will never forgett that i betrayed him. And be probably will never trust me again. I can't blame my fault on anyone else than myself. I apoligised many times. But an apology won't be able to delete my mistakes and lies. Those two men dont deserve to be treated like that. I feel so ashamed and guilty hunts me everyday.
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I cheated on my boyfriend! I lied to 2 men. What should I do? Fight for our relationship or flight?
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