Anyones partner the same?

I've been with my boyfriend 4 years and love him to pieces
Lately all he does is sit on his phone it's the only thing that gets his attention
Sometimes I feel I'd be better texting him to get more interaction
Our sex life is basically none exsistant we never kiss or cuddle with eachother
I can never initiate anything he says no
Sometimes I honestly feel like hed rather I wasn't here
I ask him whats wrong he says nothing (plus nothings changed in our lifes atm )
he's told me he's only playing games or reading his apps
But part of me can't help but think he's talking to someone else or looking other people up
I dunno why else he would be happy with so little affection and sex and also must interaction with me
It just gets me so down sometimes
Anyone else been on similar situations all help be great thanks
Anyones partner the same?
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