How do I bring this girl back to my life?

I deleted my Snapchat because I do not want to face any scandals regarding me and my online (never-irl) female friend that I've met for almost a year.

She's living in Kansas and I'm living in California. She found out I saved 152 pictures of her, mostly edited ones on my phone, and she was "nauseous" and found it "absolutely disgusting" that I would say things such as "men are above women" and "'no/maybe' means yes," and placed the whole blame on the Bible and my stepfather. I may face serious consequences, who knows.

But even though my mother and even my father (and possibly some of his relatives) have received DMs on Instagram regarding my aggressively inappropriate, prejudiced behavior, I have yet to receive a response from any of my family.

Ihave a feeling that my mother is either going to enable the behavior that I have, giving an "autism" excuse to my friends (and ex-friends, who blocked me), or that she will text me about my behavior when her husband isn't around (her husband is no joke, man).

However, my mother (who is very religiously conservative, with a few exceptions) did remind me to keep my shirt on when communicating on Snapchat. I told her we're mostly adults in the group chat and that Barack Obama was seen shirtless, but she responded with the obvious fact that they aren't her children.

Honestly I'm going to be so over [her] and I think that this is for the better.. because what's the point of making friends with a girl that doesn't even like me back.. she's always flirting with black guys/semi-white Jewish guys that have trucks and an extremely high social life... girls these days are so materialistic and many 18-25 year old girls are nonvirgins... I just can't handle this life anymore. If a beautiful girl cannot accept a white tradhusband then she doesn't deserve to live in America... she can leave our land. I got blocked by a lot of friends.

This guy who has a girlfriend exposed my camera roll that I masturbated to, of different girls.
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1 mo
This girl is 18 years old and blocked me on all three social media platforms - Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. She's called me her "bestie" in group chats but has always flirted with other guys. She did call me cute a few times, and sexy once in a group chat, but that's it.
How do I bring this girl back to my life?
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