When did you realize your relationship/friendship is toxic and how did you get out of it?

Mine was a friendship. We were best friends for about 4 years. She was the first friend I made when I moved across the country after I finished high school. At first we were very happy and did a lot of things together and there were no problems. But about a year ago she changed a lot. She was obsessed with her social media and always wanted to take the best selfies and upload it and never enjoyed the moment when we went out and did stuff like hiking or going to a nice market. She was always focusing on uploading the best pics of her and pretended to live this luxurious lifestyle when in reality it was not like that at all. She would also make passive aggressive comments that made you think about it after a while and wonder why she said that and when you confronted her about it she would just say "no you are overthinking it". Let me give you an example. We were in her car driving home when she just casually said "just to let you know I'm on a journey and can't deal with negativity so you need to sort out your problems cause I can't be affected by it. Even if you are not with me I can still feel you are going through a bad time and it's messing with my vibe". I was so confused and after that I just started to think about everything she has said to me and realized this is not the type of friendship I want. She also said if I ever end up with this one guy I liked she would hook up with him cause he is attractive and he looks like the kind of guy that would go for her. She would tell me if I don't want to do the things she wants to do then she'll go get new friends. So I took her advice and I got new friends now and love them so much cause they never force me and make me feel bad when I don't want to do something.
When did you realize your relationship/friendship is toxic and how did you get out of it?
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