Baby daddy sent himself to jail is any of this my fault?

Me and my baby daddy have always been back and forth arguing with one another since i had gotten pregnant. He would start leaving bruises and scratches on me and say it was “self defense” saying id hit him first. My mom would tell me to take a picture of everytime there was marks on my body from him because she knew something like this would come up. A few days ago ( i am one week postpartum with basically a newborn) we had come home from his mothers house even though i warned him we shouldent go because of a tropical storm hitting our area he insisted and took the baby out in that weather need i add he's crashed my car before (luckily no marks/scratches/damage) because of him being on his phone. I was really upset but we basically started arguing and when we parked at my house is when the scuffle started he pinched me twisted my foot and pinky toe. I showed my mom when i got inside and my mom said “( insert baby daddys name) if the cops see this …” he then freaked out or had an outlash and said “you know what im calling the cops” i tried turning off his phone a bunch of times because i knew theyd take him away and lock him up. I cried and cried and my mom said either i called the cops on him or shed let go of the babys carseat and let him take the baby. So i was basically forced to call Him and my mom had a standoff at the front door with the baby in the car seat. He had no scratches or injuries on him when he arrived along with me. He yelled at my mom saying he would say the whole truth about everything. Then he got cuffed and put in a cop car. He told them about the cameras we had and “scratch marks” that i left on his arms ( I HAVE NO NAILS I BITE MY NAILS) he had quite a while alone outside by himself so I don't know if he could have made those himself me & my mom feel strongly he did them to himself ( continued )
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long story short he was sent to jail & then district attorney decided to press charge reguardless if i wanted to or not and he's charged with a felony and has unfriended me off all social medias and i still have our baby with me. As dumb as it sounds i still love him a lot and wanted to see our family grow but please dont come at me for feeling this way every situation and everybody is different i just need advice and opinions on the situation because im breaking my head over everything.
Baby daddy sent himself to jail is any of this my fault?
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