How did you handle being cheated on?

I'm 21 and I was with this guy whose 25 for a year and a half. last week, i just found out he's completely different than who i thought. he told me both his ex's cheated on him, which was a lie. he told me he just keeps to himself, works, and doesn't sleep around much. come to find out, he's cheated on me with muiltple women. him and his friends openly discussed and bragged about how many they were fucking... while he was with me. i found this all out because i came in contact with his ex, and once i started to find out lies, the other girls dating his friends started telling me more about him. i found all this out, called him out, and he laughed and blocked me. i'm so beyond shocked and hurt, i haven't even been able to cry. it all feels like a dream. how the hell do you get past something like this? it was all pretend and none of it was real.
How did you handle being cheated on?
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