Is step sibling incest really incest?

I know that it's considered incest because they sre your family now but to a certain degree i don't think it should be considered as such here's why lets say you been dating a girl for a 2 or 3 years and you both really love each other and then all of a sudden your mom or dad decided to date their mom or dad and without telling either of you because let's face it a lot of parents dont tell their kids who they are dating unless it's serious and they plan to marry because they obviously dont want their kid to have an unstable father or mother figures in their life they obviously would only hide the relationship to protect their kids soo usually when they end up marrying them its usually qwite sudden soo lets say the parents have been dating a year and decide to marry or whatever and all of a sudden you all move in together and then you find out the person your mom or dad married happens to be the girl or boys mom or dad and they are like met your new step brother or sister are really just going to break off your own relationship just because your parents both said pretty please soo they can get married and not have you both commit incest is it right for them to marry and break off your relationship because of incest reason is it really incest as you literally have know them all of a few years out of all your childhood life i can understand the incest argument if they both married when you were both really young and then you grew to like each other romantically that i can agree would be wrong because you always known them as your family and if you weren't told their your step sibling you would of thought they were really your brother or sister
Is step sibling incest really incest?
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