Have you ever felt like you had to like someone back?

One of the guys in my friend group has liked me for over a year, and I recently confronted him about it because he wasn't making any moves. He knew I wasn't into him and he never made a move, but still made it obvious and other people could tell too. I had lots of questions from people in our circle, and it was really frustrating. In the end i told him I'm really not interested and I could never be. I also let him know that I'm interested in someone else. I was kind about it and he appreciated my approach. We ended our talk on a positive note. But lately my heart has been achy because the guy I do like is just not "there" yet, and I can't expect anything more than friendship from him for the next few years. I am willing to wait. I've never had such strong feelings for a closer friend, ever. We just click, and I absolutely love even his imperfections, even when he's annoying, and he's the type of guy I wouldn't hesitate marrying some day. But he's just not in a good place in life to think about even dating. While the guy that does like me is. And I really can't date him for a few non-negotiables. I really don't feel any attraction to him as a person, nor a physical attraction. He's just a friend. And it's so hard because I know he could give me the attention I want, but it's not the right guy. And I won't ever force my feelings, but I do sometimes wish I could. I feel bad I can't like him the way he likes me, and I feel bad that I can't be loved by the guy I do really like in the way that I love him. Not really much to do in this situation but to wait and trust that things will be alright and worked out. But I know that the waiting is painful. Have you guys ever been in a similar boat? Share your experiences! ❤️
Have you ever felt like you had to like someone back?
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