Is she worth my time?

Well, it all started after i asked her to be in a relationship with her she immediately accepted me and we gone on in a relationship but after that years passed by and my friend started to live with me because of his family problems for the moment, I always go to a work and only comes home later. One day I started having a feeling of her she may be cheating on me because of her so much flexibility and her behavior of talking with anyone freely, so I set my computer to voice record while I’m gone to work, then I heard her talking bad things about me and that day I managed to not talk to her saying I’m tired then The next day we were cooking and she tasted mine and said it’s really good and after I left recording as usual she said to my friend he had a bad skill of cooking but instead yours is better than him, she lied to me this time and when hearing the record I get mad and that day I want to forget all what happened and move on but when I tried to hug her Infront of him she said I don’t want to be hugged I just want to sit while looking at him then I feel bad and said we need to talk then she said let’s talk here (infront of him) then I left her alone she came back then I tell her I need to break up with her but she said I can’t breakup with you and cried for hours I just don’t get what’s with her…
Is she worth my time?
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