Muslim guy who got a girl pregnant…she got an abortion now feeling GUILT?

I’m a 33yo male from Sydney Australia. I was bought up in a iraqi household. My parents were not the most strict and was a rebel right up until my late 20’s. Doing all kinds of haram things, you name it I done it.
I decided to change for the better and become a better Muslim. I stopped all the haram things for a few years and was doing well. I am not married by the way.

I had met this girl through family in 2016 (she’s a Russian orthodox) and became quite close back then, and were intimate casually a few times. I ended up moving to a different city and she did also. We then reconnected somehow over Instagram last year and began a sexual relationship; seeing each other once a month or so. It was nothing serious and didn’t intend on marrying her but couldn’t resist her beauty. She’s a model, mashallah tall and physically stunning girl with a good heart.

The casual fling relationship continued up until about 2 months ago were we ended up having an argument over somethings and I blocked her.

She messaged me last week through a friends Instagram and told me she was pregnant and that it had to be mine. As horrible as I am I told her it court not be mine as I “pulled out in time” (stupid I know). Knowing full well pregnancy can still occur using the pull out method but i was dumb.

I ended up telling her I would never want a baby with her as she’s a party girl, not religious and isn’t nearly mature enough for a child. I cowardly blocked her and told her never to speak to me again.

A week later (today) her friend messaged me and told me that she had gone through with an abortion and that she was sorry for telling you and worrying you.
Not only do I feel like I’ve failed as a Muslim but I feel like absolute scum for the way I treated her.
Is it my fault she got the abortion; was it the right thing to do? Was it a blessing from Allah …so many questions.

Please give me some advice
Muslim guy who got a girl pregnant…she got an abortion now feeling GUILT?
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