Are you a tender soul?

Are you a tender soul?
This is an interesting spoken-word song. It's a plea, almost a seemingly impromptu story, about a guy who likes a girl, and he wants her to show him if she likes him back.
And, it's what a guy actually wants to talk about in a relationship. "I want to get to know you

It's 9 min long, but you might want to give it a listen.
It inspired this question.

He ends the song by saying to her, "... And I'm just a tender soul, and be glad that you know. I think all men are really just tender souls, just like you and me. Be glad I told you now, and be glad you know."

Modern Love, 'Plea For Tenderness'Notice the comment, by Ben Culture, "This sounds like one of the performances in which Jonathan started crying as he sang. It's been reported that he sometimes did on this song. I think, to this day, he's the most sincere man in the music industry."

And this one, by santasprees, "The dot-joining description would read "Otis Redding played by the Velvet Underground" but this is the sound of the hard shell of rock and roll being split open by a brilliant, searching disinhibition. Inside: tears, mucus, goo, incoherence, poetry, primitive possibility, soul. Not conventionally pretty, but truly and rarely beautiful."

Here's the song of Modern Lovers that I am really liking right now though:
It's strange, off-kilter, but also quite beautiful.
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Are you a tender soul?
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