Should I give him another chance or should I move on?

Disclaimer: Before you judge me for being a gold digger, let me be the first to tell you that I do not depend on my boyfriend for cash. I am financially independent before I met him.

I broke up with my boyfriend of 6 years 2 months ago because he became too irresponsible about his finances. We live together and he has several unpaid bills and loans.

I found out that he wasn't paying his overdue bills and even wanted to loan from me. At that time, I had enough of his immaturity since I told him too many times to quit buying shit that he doesn't need (i. e. video games and action figures), but he still does.

He complains about being broke when he gets his payroll and uses it for buying new video games or action figures, then he sometimes forgets that he's spent his payroll for buying unnecessary shit in which I find a huge red flag TBH. He already knows that I wanted him to grow to become a responsible person, and I don't think that being patient with him is worth it.

During NCR, I cut contact already because I needed space as I got tired of dealing with his childishness. 2 months later, he called me using his older sister's phone and cried because he wanted to get back together. He said he's gonna change to win me back, and he promised me that he'll be more mindful when it comes to his money.

His voicemail said "Hey love! I just want you to know that whatever you think of me is valid. I've been such an idiot for neglecting your advice, and I want you to know that I'm willing to change for the better. I understand though if you want to move on, but always remember, you deserve the best things in life! Here's hoping I get another chance. :)

Should I give it another shot?
8 mo
I decided to give him another chance as he was sincere about his apology. He gave me roses and asked me out for a date! Although we’ll take it slow first and I’ll still be testing the waters to see if he really has changed.
Should I give him another chance or should I move on?
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