Am I being difficult or am I right to cut off people that piss me off?


27F: I’m meaning people that I am probably a little closer to, beyond an acquaintance level. If you have an acquaintance, you don’t have that much of a bond in the first place. I’ve been told by family that I’m going to end up alone because I’m hasty and quick to cut off people. I had a friend from HS that I maintained a friendship with for a few years but stopped talking to her because she was somewhat self absorbed. She tried adding me back as a friend on social media previously but I ignored it. Two friends like this actually, now I have 3 other online friends and I’m turned off with each of them (they don’t know it though, haven’t blocked them).

I understand that no one is perfect and I’m probably one to irritate them too. If they want to stop being friends, I can’t fault them. But why am I going to keep people in my life that don’t have my best interest or something about them doesn’t mesh well with my expectations? I’m not too selective either, I’m a tit for tat person and if it’s not 50/50, the dynamic isn’t worth maintaining.

Anyone agree? I get down on my loneliness at times but I feel you’re better off alone versus being with people that aren’t for you in the long run.
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Am I being difficult or am I right to cut off people that piss me off?
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