Was it wrong for me to have a drink?

Recently, I emotionally cheated on my girlfriend with a coworker. I sent flirty messages but meant nothing by it. It was a moment of weakness when I needed emotional support and the coworker never saw the messages (deleted them on Snapchat before she could see). My girlfriend and I have been seeing a relationship therapist to work through it. Unfortunately, the coworker and I are on a project together this week where I’m in charge of the project, in a different state (so we’re out of town together, a team of 4). At the end of every week, everybody on the team goes for drinks. Though I told my girlfriend I wouldn’t take my team for drinks since the infidelity, the team really wanted to and, after running it by my girlfriend, I decided to take them out. A couple of hours before going out, my girlfriend asked if I could just treat my team to drinks and not drink myself. That the last time I drank, I texted “coworker” and my girlfriend wasn’t comfortable with me drinking again. I told my girlfriend that 1 or 2 beers wouldn’t be a problem but she was adamant. Said that we would break up if I drank with the coworker. Well, I drank 2 beers and now my girlfriend wants to break up. I think it’s completely unfair. Want some opinions.
Was it wrong for me to have a drink?
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