I don't love her yet, is this weird?

My girlfriend and I have been in this committed relationship for 8 months. We did have a little ups and downs but so far it has been great. People are often surprised when they find out I haven't said it to her yet, not that it's any of their business but, they say its mostly because of how close we are, and how we look like we have everything figured out from their point of view.

My girlfriend have said it when she was drunk once, and I've said it when I was drunk as well. I am not really the type to say "I love you" to everyone but about a month ago I apparently said to her "I love you, wait no I don't mean that, no actually I think I love you. Do I love you? Yeah I do, you're one of the best thing that's happened to me". She heard it, so did our friends. They didn't make this into a big deal and nor did she but they mentioned it to me the next morning.

I don't really believe in "drunk words are sober thoughts" but how do you guys feel about this?
And I don't think I love her yet, but my feelings for her are close to that. I think about future with her and I can see it. Is this weird?
I don't love her yet, is this weird?
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