Ignored my message?

I went out on a date a few days ago with a guy who would keep staring at me for months. The date was really good and I loved it. However, his attitude was off on the second time I met him. He no longer wanted to spend Christmas with me and said he has friends inviting him for dinner. He did come to see me twice but he wasn't as warm as he was on our actual first date. I think he wanted a kiss but I barely knew him so didn't. But I did hug him and wrote to him that I loved seeing him instantly. Anyways, he has never messaged me on his own. From the very beginning, I have been the one to initiate contact and he would reply either hours later or the next day. Based on my initiating, he asked for coffee. Since the second talk, he no longer replies to my messages. I felt that day he was friendzoning me as he was not very warm towards me, his attitude was pretty cold with the only exception that he came twice, gave me a hug and came outside with me. He said he ll see me in a few days and I was okay with it. Due to the difference in behaviour I didn't message him and I had told him I was going to a shop after meeting him. Since then, I sent him a text alerting him of the snowfall but he never got back to that message. He was instantly online when I sent him the message but didn't respond Usually he would in a few hours or a day. This time nothing. He's not even reaching out on his own From the very beginning, I ve done all the talking, approaching, initiating to meet up etc. For once, I expected a reply from him but it's like if I don't message or make a move, he won't do anything either. I really liked his company. We share a lot of the same beliefs and values so it naturally hurts that he's behaving like this. I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt hence not blocking him. Should I ask to meet him one last time and just tell him upfront? Also to add - he seems like he has s few girls whom he's seeing or whom he goes gor hooking up.
Ignored my message?
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