What is one of the most interesting proposition you've ever been offered?

I had a holiday helper job from a week before Thanksgiving until New Years day once. A temporary job to earn cash for school. At first they had me moving all over but then stuck me in the deli to make sandwiches and party trays, big thing that time of the year.

I was 19 or 20, and this older gentleman came in every day and ordered items from me, for his lunch. He was a flirt, but very nice. What I didn't notice at the time (others told me later) was that he would wait until I was available, no one else could help him.

Then one day, he came in and said... I want to make you an offer, here is the deal. You'll get $10,000 a month, a car of your choice brand new paid for and a whole list of other regarding cloths and blah blah. He had clearly thought this out like a business proposal.

He was maybe in his 40's or maybe 50's. I guess he just wanted someone and had money.

Anyways, I said "sounds great", let me ask my Boyfriend what he thinks. Poor guy turned bright red and apologized. I know I could of handled that better but that is literally the first thing that came to my mind. As I didn't think he was actually serious and was joking or something.

I can't imagine if anyone would actually say yes to something like this, just for money and stability and all the perks. Assuming you didn't end up a slave of human trafficking somewhere.

I learned a very valuable lesson on why I have to be careful not to flirt back too much. He thought I was interested in him when I was just being my naturally friendly self.
What is one of the most interesting proposition you've ever been offered?
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