What would YOU do? Break up? Keep dating her?

What would YOU do? Break up? Keep dating her?
I have a friend Alex (62 year old male) whose divorce will be final next month. He was married for 28 years, and the last nine years were devoid of love or sex. He separated from his wife about a year ago. He wanted to start dating, used an online service to meet available women, and candidly disclosed his status as "separated."

He met Linda (56 year old female.) The picture above is not her but she looks very similar; she is a very cute lady. Alex and Linda are in the same profession (architects) and have many common interests. They started dating and their relationship quickly became physical. Alex was very enamored with Linda. They spent weekends together, took a few weekend trips together, and occasionally saw each other during the week. His divorce is not yet final and he is not eager to find his next wife but he will be monogamous with a woman who is a good match for him. Alex is not "in love" with her but has great respect and fondness for her.

At a certain point, she disclosed that she has a serious and progressive renal disorder that will likely result in her needing to have dialysis on a regular basis. People who are on dialysis usually need to have it done three times per week and they cannot travel anywhere without first making arrangements for dialysis at their travel destination. It means that she will progressively become an invalid and her partner will need to be her health care assistant and attendant. But, at present, she is still active. And he is very healthy and actve.

Alex wants to gradually break off the relationship but he feels guilty about making that decision. However, staying with her means a lifetime of taking care of her. So. . . if you were Alex, what would you do?
I would immediately end the relationship and stop all contact with Linda
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I would immediately end the relationship, maintain occasional friendly contact, and make it clear that the romance is over!
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I would immediately announce that a long-term relationship will not happen, we can continue to date and have sex, but I will not treat us as being exclusive
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I would continue dating Linda, continue having sex, and simply avoid any discussion of "our future."
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I would tell her that I am there for her for better or for worse, contine dating her and having sex, and consider her for a role as permanent partner is all goes well!
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Keep dating Linda until her health starts to decline
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Something else which I'll explain in a comment
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What would YOU do? Break up? Keep dating her?
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