How To Tell The Father I Want To Keep The Baby?

I dated a guy briefly a few months back. Not long after we broke up I found out I was pregnant. I've wanted the baby from the start. I don't have much but love. I'm okay with the death of my old single, childless life (wasn't that great) and ready for this start. My family are over the moon and all want to support. The father doesn't want it. He says how love can't put food on the table and although I live in a country that offers a lot of financial help and plan to work up until their birth and when they start childcare, he says it's not enough.

I agreed to abort the child but when arranging it, realised it wasn't what I wanted. Rather it was what I was doing to please the father and the people I feared would look down on me. However, I don't know how to tell the dad that I've changed my mind. At one point he seemed excited by the prospect but his logic stopped him from wanting it but lately he has become cold and blunt about not wanting it.

I'm not the best at social things so I have no clue how to stand my ground and say I want this child.
How To Tell The Father I Want To Keep The Baby?
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