Ever given up on marriage or relationships?

I am not referring to anyone who has trouble getting into them, but to those who have and can get them, just giving up for whatever reason.

In my first marriage, which was 7 years of sheer horror. She cheated on me from day 1 as I was the nice stable guy who could give her stability and take care of her.

The only good thing that came out of this relationship was my daughter, who is more like me than her mother.

My second marriage has lasted 13 years before she told me she was no longer interested in sex. That she has zero desire, that she has done it all and there is nothing she wants to do sexually anymore. She has had her fill and just isn't interested anymore. She claims she is now Asexual and has no sexual interest with any one.

This is from someone who in her college days did all kinds of crazy stuff, she had 5 times the number of partners compared to myself, before we met.

I said that didn't matter, and have always thought so until now. She says there is just nothing more she wants to do and is ready to move on to a non sexual phase of her life. I didn't know such a thing existed as we've always had a fairly healthy sex life, until the last year or so when she became more and more resistant to my advances. She still says she is willing to lay there and be a doll but won't participate. Not something I am willing to do.

She won't do therapy, marriage counseling, a open relationship, or anything she just thinks because she is done with it that I should be too. We are now legally separated and going through a divorce as this is a deal breaker.

She is not cheating either, as we both work from home for the same company (how we met but different divisions) and she doesn't drive, I am her driver when she wants/needs to go somewhere. I can't imagine how she'd be getting any from someone else, unless someone runs over real fast when I run to the store and she stays home, but that seems extremely risky.

After this, I cannot see myself ever getting married again.
Ever given up on marriage or relationships?
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