I need advice to open up emotionally to my boyfriend?

My partner and I have been dating for 8 months now. My boyfriend is straightforward and direct and I'm having a harder time being honest with my needs and feelings.

On nye we went out with his friends. He was acting distant with me at some point and asked me to "leave him alone and try to socialize with his friends and not be all over him all the time". I was a bit shocked because he asked me to be his +1 date and wanted to blend me in his social circle. I never asked for that and explained that it isn't his responsibility to make me extroverted or more talkative and I asked him to go dance and not to worry about my fun as I am an adult and can carry myself around people.

The fact that he was patronizing me all night and asking me to socialize and talk with everybody put me in an uncomfortable position. In the end, I did what he asked me and gave him physical space by going to other tables. I did flirt with few guys but wasn't having any intention of doing anything. He then got angry with me for talking with guys and asked me if I was mad at him and do this on purpose to hurt him. I apologized if I did anything that offended or hurt him.

We had the most intense sex that night.

In the morning I brought up again what happened cause I wasn't completely honest with him. I wanted to flirt and I did it and it felt good getting the attention but I was drunk and kind of hurt. He said "I thought these guys came to you not that you went to them. " After this, he turned his back at me and started crying. I was just hugging him and trying to hold his hand but he was dismissing all my attempts to get closer.

The next day I called and asked him to have dinner together and talk. He was very positive in doing that. But I got covid right after and so some things are left unsaid.

Our last real conversation was when he was fucking me and saying: just want to make you happy and never felt like that before when I'm with you. His sober self isn't expressive at all.
I need advice to open up emotionally to my boyfriend?
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