What Do You Think About A Guy Sharing His Wife?

My wife recently had a talk with me that I kind of knew was coming. She promised that she would never cheat on me. She would never be with another guy unless I approved it.

This means that she wants to be with one or more other guys but wants my approval. In so many words she also indicated that she would never fuck another guy that I let her go out with, meaning that she would just suck his cock.

This doesn't seem as unreasonable as it might sound. When I was a child my father had all kind of medical issues while my mother was still young and pretty. He looked the other way while she screwed around. She would go out without him on weekends, telling me that she had a job as a "hostess". I know now that my mother had quite a reputation as a cocksucker. So sharing my wife does seem kind of natural.

My wife reassured me, telling me I don't have to agree to this if I don't want to. My wife is older than me and I admit to being a little bit subservient to her. I am also just a little bit turned on thinking about her going out.

What do you think?
What Do You Think About A Guy Sharing His Wife?
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