Why did my boyfriend get mad?

so my boyfriend is very sweet and honest and just pretty amazing guy. he’s done so much for me and i 100% trust him. we are both studying architecture in different colleges (he's 25) for masters (im undergrad but will be joining his college soon) anyway….. he has a friend who is a girl. I've met her and she's a small little girl. she honestly seems odd I don't know she's just an odd woman. my boyfriend even says she's odd and random. he stays at her place at times to study and all especially because they are now school partners..

today i randomly told my boyfriend “oh so like what if im always like … im going to go to my friend alex’s (guy) place” and im like “yeahh ok im staying at alex’s!! byeeeeeee ;))” and then asked “how would u feel?” i said it in the most bubble goofiest way possible. like a girly dumb chick vibe.

and my boyfriend was like “theres no choice you want me to travel at 4am?”

and I don't know why but he got really mad

like yelling mad

and he was like “wtf is wrong with u you're being annoying fuck off”

why did he get mad?

before i met him they were good friends bc they were partners for some project. after we met i even went to her house and chilled. theyre not best friends just good friends. anyway for this semester he chose to be partners with her and he explained why …. i honestly dont care much but a while back he had to stay at her place to finish work. i get it… its architecture and group work we work very late hours… i even sometimes would do the same… all nighters…

so nothing weird about that… they also have the same mutual friends so they would go out and he would go to her place after bc the uber was cheaper etc…

he said he just stayed there bc the uber was like 40$
4 mo
apperently he was telling me that she was so drunk that the uber driver was yelling at him

my boyfriend was like wtf? Lol

that was the only time i got annoyed but i didn't even mention it to him Lol

he called me and asked where i was and explained where he was … nothing odd
Why did my boyfriend get mad?
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