Should I [M18]confess my feelings to her [F18]?

We’ve been classmates for 5 years right now. Been friends for 3 years. I though she was genuinely funny and also cheerful. I liked her as a friend, even if she’s gorgeous too. It never mattered that much to me.

Around 2 months ago she broke up with a guy. She told me everything about it and i tried to support her. She was very upset.

Suddenly, something changed. We kept on meeting at friends in order to study after school. Then, she invited me at her place in order to have a warmer place to study in. She’s very friendly with all the guys in my class, so i didn’t think i liked her ( and i still doubt ). Also because she calls me “bro” (😩).

I don’t know why, but while we were talking, i felt like attraction was more and more. I caught her looking at me sometimes, and she kind of looked interested. It’s not easy to describe. She asked me not to leave ( it was pretty late ) and it looked like someone should have confessed.

Now, we’re planning to go to Rome with some of our classmates ( we’ll be 4 or 5 in total ). Should i try to confess my feelings to her? Especially, when? I’m afraid this will ruin our friendship. It might also ruin our trip to Rome

PS: not to mention she’s kind of jealous of the girls i talk about ( generally our classmates ). Also regarding girls i talk with outside of the classroom. For example, i’m actually chatting with a friend of mine, and she asked me to show her some pics of her. She always wants to know if the girls involved are pretty or not
Should I [M18]confess my feelings to her [F18]?
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