Do you believe one can fall back in love?

My girlfriend dumped me quoting that she fell out of love, she's not in love with me anymore. But I know we were a very good couple and in love deeply.

Now we're broken up but I hope a come back. I am in NC for 8 days and it's hard. I wonder if there is any chances? Does anyone have a similar story which ended in a good or bad way?
+1 y
3 weeks of NC. I still love her. Maybe she's gone but I will always remember how she smiles. I love her with all my heart and soul. She's in my heart. But she doesn't love me anymore.
+1 y
After months from BU, I learnt that she dumped me because she had different expectations from future. She wants a classy and expensive life that I can't afford for now. She tells to people that she searches for a rich husband. I thought about love and everything but I couldn't imagine that was the reason! I was so naive...

By the way, I stayed in silence and she stick to NC too. NC helped me to recover and now I feel less pain about it. I hope that I will heal and move on completely one day.
Do you believe one can fall back in love?
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