Admits he loves me, misses me, and thinks about me always but still isn't getting it!

We've been broken up for only a few weeks. I received a text from him this past weekend telling me that he wasn't drunk, but just wanted me to know how much he misses me, loves me, thinks about me all the time, and thinks I'm an amazing person. We even spoke and he said he sent a thank you card to my parents for all they've done for him, and saying that if he could be half as kind as me he would be so thankful (not tooting my own horn, I'm just COMPLETELY confused).

HE broke up with ME. We've been "on again, off again" for about two years now. He's always been faithful, and comes from a strong, loving background. We share the same interests and goals for life. He always does things like this because he always thinks I'm attacking him when I bring up something in the relationship I'm not happy with (ex. him not making any time for me during the work week - we both work typical 8-5 office jobs). He always thought I was "fighting" with him, when I just wanted to talk.

Sometimes, he would get so defensive, I thought I must have passed out and mumbled something during my "passout" moment, because I have no idea why he's acting like I'm trying to fight him. I've spoken to him about maybe having a bad history with a girlfriend, but he says that's never happened (meaning - an issue where someone bullied him or wouldn't let him speak his mind).

I also took the liberty of speaking to his sister about it, and she said he's always just dumped girlfriends and then wanted back with them over and over. I know I'm different because we're both at the "engagement" stage in life (24 and 27). His family loves me and vice versa. In fact, I know he loves me.

When he says he doesn't want a relationship, he only wants a friendship, I told him that he doesn't have any other female friends. Therefore, what he would have with me would still be a relationship without the emotional attachment. He then said, "Oh, I didn't realize that. You're kind of right." Therefore, I told him there would be no "friendship" because he was just dodging emotional attachment.

I'm so confused with his behavior. I can read a personality pretty well, and I know he loves me and wants to be with me, but what's his hold up? Is he really this afraid of moving in together/getting married - you know, the traditional fears of life? And if so, is there anything I can do for this person? When we talked recently, he kept questioning the thought of there being someone else in the world for him, and he wanted to be sure to find the right person before he got married. When to me, it seems like the signs are hitting him right in the face.

My ultimate decision was to just let him go and let him live his life (however lonely that may be) and hope that he realizes his own emotions (while, in the mean time, I hope to find someone without these issues if my ex can't get himself together in a year)
Admits he loves me, misses me, and thinks about me always but still isn't getting it!
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