Ed doesn't love me?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me three months ago.

Somehow, we managed to remain friends but he told me the other night that he thought we shouldn't see each other for six months - no contact at all. I made the mistake (I know, I know... ) of asking him if he liked a girl he was working for.

He said that it was 'inevitable' that one or the other of us would meet someone.

I know I have to leave him alone but I'm finding it hard to accept. I think there are still things we have in common, some of them unexplored. He said he didn't love me but was very loving in his body language to me - he said he would love to be in a physical relationship with me but that it wouldn't be fair as I wanted a partnership. He said the only other long term woman he went out with also wanted a partnership.

I don't know what he means. I loved him as he loved me.

Help. I don't know what to do. I won't contact him because he has stated that he didn't want it.

Ed doesn't love me?
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