What should I do about my boyfriend who keeps shutting me out?

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 months. There was a lot of passion from the get go and I broke up with him once for 3 weeks where he asked me back.

I broke up with him just after 1 month of dating, because we got into an argument and he gave me the silent treatment for an entire day.

He initiated contact again after 3 weeks and emphasised how apologetic he was. He wanted us to work out and for the most part, was a changed man.

He wasn’t short tempered and rude anymore, and everything was good. We felt closer to each other than ever before because we missed each other during the break up.

Until one day he wouldn’t answer his phone for an entire day. It drove my anxiety crazy. This lead to another fight where I gave him the silent treatment and we made up 3 days later. We communicated clearly and I opened up about my anxiety. We promised it wouldn’t happen again.

We had a silly argument and I called him 4 days ago and he never picked up nor got back to me. I am VERY hurt. I feel betrayed and lied to because we just communicated about this and I feel he's dismissing my anxiety.

On day 3 I posted a photo of myself while I was out with my friends and he commented saying I look beautiful. But I never responded because I’m waiting for him to communicate with me properly.

I understand I’m not perfect myself but I really want to make this work. And I’m willing to learn. I don’t understand why he keeps shutting me out every time we argue.

What should I do? Currently I’m waiting for him to communicate with me because he must be dumb not to see that he has upset me.
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Guys were kinda speaking now and he’s finally opening up.

Thank you to the person who said I need to listen more and stop being defensive. It’s helped!!
What should I do about my boyfriend who keeps shutting me out?
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