Boyfriend is always on Facebook, but never really responds to things?

First off, I'm coming to realize, Facebook has ruined least romantic confuses people. And makes 'em jealous of other relationships, of people they don't really know, when they see something they'd like to have happen in their relationship...

Now, for the boyfriend spends a lot of evening time on Facebook...always commenting on things people post or posting on people's walls...but rarely responds to anything I post...unless it's about it...even then, it's not always...(and not the type of girlfriend who posts every day about how they love their bf...even if I do love him very much. :) )

I felt stupid the moment I posted this and just asked for the site to remove it...was feeling a moment of frustration...which is a constant lately as my mind often reverts to frustration over sadness(based on me leaving for school in less than a week...). We do see each other. Grrrr, hopefully this thing disappears, 'cause like I said, stupid the moment I posted...


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  • I completely understand where you are coming from with this, I had exactly the same problem.

    I saw the relationships he had with other people and it made me really insecure. Yes, people are right, people ruin relationships, but there's the phrase "what you can't see can't hurt you". Facebook just makes it visible unfortunately...

    I don't understand why they do it... were you officially in a relationship with him?

    He always said to me that he felt our relationship was private, it was between us, it was intimate and person and he didn't want to display it on the internet. That's fair enough. But what I couldn't understand is why is it I had to be hidden, but all his other friends were fine? (We had broken up, we were ex's trying to get back together)

    Maybe your boyfriend was having this issue as well. Is he more of a private person than an open one?

    Aside from that, I can't really give you any advice because I didn't solve the problem...or really understand it.

    Best of luck


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  • Facebook f***s sh*t up. Even though it's difficult, please try to stay away from it if you see he's not being responsive. Do you guys get to communicate via other means?

  • Facebook doesn't ruin relationships, people do.

    • As for your question, do you see or talk to each other a lot offline? If so, maybe he feels he doesn't need to communicate with you that much through that one outlet. If not, maybe he's just not as invested in the relationship as you are. Have you tried talking to him about it?