How would you feel if your man said other women were prettier?

My boyfriend overheard two young men having a discussion:

"You're married so why would you cheat on your wife?" said one of the men. The other one replies and says "Lets face it, some women have what your woman doesn't have." My boyfriend told me he disagreed with this, then went on to say "I see prettier girls, some with more thickness but that doesn't mean I am going to cheat." I don't know whether he expected me to take this has a compliment, but I felt really insulted. It hurt my feelings. I mean, we all know that no matter how good looking we are there are going to be others out there that look better. But excuse me if I am not mistaken, isn't a boyfriends job to make his girlfriend feel special and like the most beautiful woman? I felt as if he was attacking my looks. It made me feel as if he constantly compares me to other women that he sees. This hurt. Women how would you feel, if your man said other women were prettier? Men, what is your take on this? Do you feel the same way has the young man? Do you think it is right for you cheat if your woman doesn't have a certain quality?

For the record, I am an attractive 25 year old woman who gets hit on on a regular basis.
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Blah! *You ARE unimportant" You see the holy power you posses is having great effect on me. I must leave this post immediately, either that or I might cheat again.
How would you feel if your man said other women were prettier?
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