How should I break up with my boyfriend of 2 weeks who has never called me and only texts?

So there was this guy I started talking to from a dating website and he seemed amazing so we started texting each other. He asked me out OVER TEXT and hasn't even called me ONCE. He still acted the same way when we went out the first time but I wasn't sure if I really liked him as a dating partner/boyfriend, but was possibly considering it. Second time we met he's like "PLEASE be my girlfriend", I was caught off guard, panicked and said yes because I don't like hurting peoples feeling really and not expecting it. I've discovered I'm not really interested in him and I'm not attracted to him. But so right after he dropped me off back home he TEXTED me "You are so amazing, I'm so lucky to have you, etc." Okay I thought all of this was a little strange after only meeting him twice...I haven't seen him since when he aced me out I've been too busy with school.

He is 5 years older than me and lives 30 minutes away...I am a full time college student and he isn't...He is constantly texting me asking how I am, are you okay?, why aren't you replying?, and stuff like that...I've only seen him twice and he says he wants me to meet his family, spend the night, making plans for months in advance and I feel claustrophobic...I think he's being clingy and desperate almost...or am I wrong?

Also I need to break up with him...I just can't keep leading him on like this when he's basically in love with me when I can't stand to be around him...It's mostly because of school, I should not have said yes knowing not very much about him, and I'm just not attracted to him anymore.

I kinda want to break up with him in person but I am SERIOUSLY thinking he is going to cry...honest...

However I would like to much rather break up with him in a text and explain everything out in text so much better...He has never called me, all of our serious conversations have been in text, and I just can't handle calling him or being in person with this particular person.

I have broken up with my other boyfriends in the past face-to-face but I just can't him...


Do you think he's clingy or am I hallucinating?

Should I have said no to when he asked me to be his girlfriend? ( I know probably should have said no)

Am I in the wrong for wanting to take it slow?

Is is wrong that I am not attracted to him?

and the most important I NEED answered is: How should I break up with him?

Is it okay to break up with him in text?

Face-to-Face, most definitely
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Over the Phone (Calling him)
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It's okay to text him
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How should I break up with my boyfriend of 2 weeks who has never called me and only texts?
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