Relationship problems and not getting anything back in return, advice?

basically my girlfriend has moved back into her uni house for her final year at university. since her loan hasn't come through and finances has been a mess, I've had to lend her £350 in order so she can move in. thing that is annoying me is that she has been out on the town 3 times this week getting drunk with her friends..i know of course they are going to go out and catch up but she moans about how poor she is then this is sort of throwing my money back in my face and she somehow seems to finance money for alcohol

not only that I also get worried because I've never been with her clubbing and when we were discussing our sexual past she has told me that all her previous was when she got drunk on a night out at uni, so when she is out I'm worried. even thought back then she was single, but she tells me she didn't know what she was doing etc..makes makes me more worried..

end of the day I'm only trying to look after her but I find it a p*ss take that she is going out so much when claiming poverty and what's worst she hasn't even thought of inviting me on any of the nights out? I feel my jealousy towards her friends and guys will drive us apart, as in this relationship I have made ALL of the plans to do EVERYTHING and when she is off doing this that and the other, I just think I would be nice to give an invitation once in a while since I'm putting all the effort into this relationship and really getting nothing in return!

Help Please
Relationship problems and not getting anything back in return, advice?
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