When a guy say he needs time and space to see if I am the one for him...

What does it mean when a guy is telling you he needs some space and time to think about if I am the right girlfriend for him? We have been going out for about 2 years and half and we broke up about a month ago...is there any chance that we will be back together? We never really broke up till this time, is there a chance that we will be back together soon?

Also, we are each other first love, like first boyfriend/ girlfriend, first everything..He said that he doesn't exactly know if he fully loves me anymore,so he needs time to pray and think about if I am the right girlfirend for him...


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  • That means he wants to know if 1) he can live without you and/or 2) he wants to see what else is out there for him. My ex said the same thing to me. He wanted to be free and do his own thing and see who else he can date besides me. But honey, I'm either #1 or I'm gone. I refused to sit around and wait for him to come back. I did it for awhile and I was very unhappy with life and myself. If a guy doesn't want to treat you like you're an important person in his life and puts you on the sideline, then you need to get rid of him. It might not be anything you've done and it's all on him, but no man is worth putting your life on pause for so don't wait for him to come back. Do your own thing and you might meet someone better, who won't hurt you and treat you as his #1.


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  • well honestly when you really love somebody (im just saying this from my experience) all you want to do is be with that person even having a brake for a week is along time. If ull have been going out for almost 2 years and he's doubting if your the one is a sign that you should move on, because when you love someone you automatically know if they are the one or not

    • yeah it was pretty OK for 1 year and half but I think he fell out of love from me or doesn't know what he wants right now, I think its the fights that we had or me being contorlling, I realized what I did wrong, I want another chance to fresh start our realtionship.

  • He is scared...mainly because someone said something to him about y'all relationship. Give him time, pray about it, and take this time to work on you and be happy single. Even if you don't want to.

    • Thank you, I realized that I really need to work on myself but I can't stop thinking about lots of the mistake that I have made when were in realtionship and also I am scared that he might get a new girlfriend and fall in love with that person or anythign liek that and I don't get any chance to be with him. I want to be given least one more chance to be with him and start fresh with our realtionship

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    • The reason we broke up is that the fact that he feels bit like he has too much on his plate. and wanting to pray to God to see if I am the right girlfriend for him. But every time we were abotu to break up or say or talk about breaking up, I was the alwasy the one who said no, and stuff and alwasy wanting to be together...its really hard to go through this. Throughout the realtionship with him, I have pressured him here and there and was more of contorlling girlfriend, Ir ealized what I did wrong

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      I have realized what I have done wrong, but I really realized that I really truly love him but I wish that he would feel the same way abotu me if he was givin some space and time to think about...he said that he was gona pray about to God if I am the right girl for him to be his girlfriend. He siad if we were meant to be than we are going to be meant to be with...I pray that God will really help me and giveme strength.

  • Wow that is crazy! I have the same exact situation! We've been together for 2 years as well! And we had the most incredible 2 years, solid happy years no fights! Last week he said he knows he loves me and I'm his love the one and only, but he's not sure if he can continue this relationship right now, he needs time and space to sort out his thoughts and figure out his life, and only space will tell if this is what he really wants. I am so heartbroken, it came out of nowhere, for 2 years he treated me like a queen! All our friends and families are shocked that this is happening :( ... Let me know how everything goes for you

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