What's up? Is this the right choice?

So I'm kind of in love with this girl. I actually am. Not even in that stupid teen way "OMG I'M IN LOVE" I was worried that I was shitting myself into that for a while, but then I found out that my Grandma was in love from the time she was 14, and she's still married to that man. But seriously, I actually would do anything for this girl and already know a huge amount of the sacrifices that it would take to be with her (I actually didn't the first couple times I asked her out, but a lot has changed since then, and still, trust me, those sacrifices are HUGE,) but I still can see myself spending the rest of my life with her.

Now, I said all that to make sure you guys knew how I felt about her. Now, for how she feels about me. (Damn, that's always the hard one, isn't it?) I'm not sure. I know she likes me to a certain degree. (It went from the beginning of this year "You annoy me less than a lot of other people" to later "jealous is the word" (after I called her jealous when she expressed distaste of a potential interest of mine) but all the times I asked her out thus far, she said no. However, about a week ago, we were talking on the phone. She said that she could imagine "standing me" for the rest of her life (prompted by her father, who said that we had permission to get married,) and then we joked heavily about getting married.

And when I asked her if we were going to start dating, she just said "I don't know, (actually she just said "no" at first, but then changed her tack) but then she followed up that "I don't know" with "maybe you should ask me when we're both lucid and in person (this was at about midnight over the phone) So I decided I was going to. That's where the question comes in. Is that the right thing to do? Because I'm not sure if her feelings are as strong as mine, and is it fair to push her into a relationship where I'm more ready for pretty much everything than she is because she doesn't want to refuse?

But then you think that because you can't see between people's ears that you can never be sure how strong their feelings are (and she's not really the type that's into showing a lot of emotion anyway, so yeah) and I was just wondering kinda for the guys, if you would make my choice, and for the girls, if you think that would be the good choice to make, based on the things I've told you about her. Just looking for validation, because I've never had a relationship, and I don't want to f*** up the first one with someone I really really REALLY care about.
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What's up? Is this the right choice?
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