I needed to get this off my chest. Letter to my ex.

I sacrificed so much happiness to be with you. I always drove to see you, I always hung out with your friends because you refused to hang out with mine. I kept my mouth shut when you would put everything and everyone before me. Many times after being around you I cried myself to sleep. But I stayed with you because I thought I loved you; because I told you that I loved you. I wanted to stay with you even though it wasn't always perfect, even though you didn't deserve me because I don't give up on people that I love like you do.

Truth be told you are poison. After all my loyalty and all the things I gave up for you you left me for someone new. Someone you had been sneaking around with behind my back. Then you crawled back months later and I gave you another chance. You never asked me to come around, you would have me around until it suited you. Old habits die hard. You still talked to all your exs, and hung out with other girls late into the night. Now you are dating one of those girls.

I hope she realizes that you are a horrible, heartless prick. I hope she realizes that you are absolutely horrible in bed. I never even got close to an orgasm with you, in fact most of the time I wanted you to stop because you would hurt me. I thought that most of your friends were either bitches or incredibly dull, pseudo intellectual, stoners with nothing better to do than pretend that their ramblings were actually profound. Especially Tessa. She is the most obnoxious, mean spirited, snobby bitch that I have ever met and yet she was your best friend. What a pair.

The best part of me moving is that I don't have to see you anymore. I pray that Kyra figures out what you are much sooner than I did. You are just like your father; selfish and unfaithful. I don't love you and I don't miss you.
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And my computer is messing up...this is supposed to be in Break Up. Regardless. If you have something that you would like to say to your ex or if you want to comment on my letter post it here.
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Btw I wasn't going to send it. I just needed to put it out there.
I needed to get this off my chest. Letter to my ex.
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