Long distance boyfriend always talking about sex, but I want to talk about other things...

I don't even know how to start this but just to give some background info my boyfriend and I are from different countries, we whilst we were both on working holidays, because we working in the same place in Korea. So long story short, we lived together for a year in Korea and then had to go home to our respective countries and have been long distance relationshiping for half a year since then. My problem is, (sorry lots of background info) that he talks a lot about sex (yes we did have a lot of it, but I still find it sometimes uncomfortable to have it come up in the conversation all the time). I know it sounds weird of me but I like talking about other things, like stuff we do during the day but he brings up sex a lot. He has always done it but it just bothers me more now that all we are able to do is talk via skype. Am I weird for not wanting to have it brought up so much? I mean he's my boyfriend and I love him so why does it bother me when he suddenly starts offering to use his hands as a bra or other silly things he says that make me groan, lol. That's not a good example, but I just feel uncomfortable sometimes, maybe cause I'm worried that's all he see's me for? but then, he's been calling me every day for half a year without it...


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  • Kinda had this deal with my boyfriend; however I was totally fine with it. But after he started masturbating on the phone, he would near the beginning of the call, and then he would be set for the rest of the time, and would hardly talk about sex other than before he was "taken care of". If that is something you are comfortable with doing/having him do. And after a while his masturbating on the phone turned into an us thing (and that is fine by me!).

    Its just my boyfriend would get so turned on by hearing my voice, and then thinking of me, and what he would want to do with me that he would get really turned on and had trouble focusing on other subjects. After I realized he/we could do that and he could concentrate on the conversation part much better, I realized what I needed to do. He doesn't ALWAYS have to, but just about once a day and he is good (unless we are really on the topic of sex allot that day).

    Best of luck!


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  • Honestly, it could be that he's just really horny and that's all he can think about. Do you know if he masturbates? I assume he does -- can you flirt with him, perhaps even let him masturbate online, but then arrange a chat for later that day or the next day where he knows it won't be about sex?


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