What am I doing wrong...?

I'm a 16 year old girl, and I've never been kissed or dated. Ever.

I'm not the most gorgeous girl ever, but I'm not ugly, and I'm normal size.

Guys always friend zone me, but ask for advice on other girls, usually my friends.

My female friends always joke that I'm the dream girl.. I love video games, but I don't become obsessed (COD), I eat like a normal girl, I like good bands, and I don't care if a guy takes time for his male friends.

I'm a singer, and a bit of a band geek, and academic geek. I have a 96% average without spending too much time on school. I play 3 instruments.

I'm not athletic. Really at all. But I'm willing to try new things, even if I don't do well.

I love laughing and I smile a lot, it's almost a bad habit. I can take a joke, and don't mind being teased.. I love flirting with new guys.

I'm not necessarily the most outgoing person you'll meet, but I'm not a wallflower. I can carry a conversation if I want to. I just usually won't be the one to start it.

I had a ..fling, I guess, with a guy at my school, and he then rejected me because I wasn't popular enough.

That's the other thing. I'm not popular at all, but I'm not a social outcast.

Anyway, if anyone could explain to me, harshly or kindly, what I'm doing wrong, that'd be nice... :)
What am I doing wrong...?
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