6 years together, day and night and still not married?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years last month. We met when we were 16 and 17, and moved in together a month later.

So we have pretty much never been apart from each other since.

We have grown up and been through absolutely everything together but I am wondering lately why hasn't he asked me to marry him? Some of our other friends our age are married and my sister is also getting married soon and we are still the ones who have been together the longest.

We have spoken about it before and he says that we will get married when we have our own place, make enough money.. etc. We have had our own place for years and we make good money together.

i don't know how to bring it up without making him feel like I'm being pushy. I would just honestly like to know if its still a possibility even years from now or if he just never wants to get married and also why hasn't he asked me? seriously its like we're already married, so why not? Is there something missing?


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  • Try talking to his parents (if your relationship with them is good). Mothers know very well how to get their sons to do stuff. If you talk to her about it and tell her that you want to marry her son, I'm sure she will find some discreet way to talk to him about it. And by discreet I mean that he will never know you talked to her.

    • hmm. you just made me think maybe that's why he won't marry me. His mother HATES me like wouldn't be sad if I were dead! lol maybe that's why. and well, you know how wog mothers can get when it comes to their precious sons! lol

    • Oh ya lol, well then hmph. What toulouse said is right, I mean if he really wants to marry you and the relationship between you and his mother is what's keeping him from that, maybe that option would work. Either way, I would try to sit down with him and have a serious discussion. At 6 years, he should have a grasp on how you are, and not think of it as being "pushy".

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  • its a tricky spot I have been in myself, you might have to give him an ultimatum if you want him to really be serious about it. (He needs to think can he see his life without you). The problem with that is can you deal with the answer if its not the one you want to hear.


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  • if its _like_ you are already married.. why would he care if you get 'married'? you guys are doing all the stuff married people do. so what would the rush be? doesn't sound like he'd be gaining anything, or as tho he's missing out on anything he'd get being married.i don't see why he'd care much at this point. I wouldnt. if I was already living with the guy for 6 years. we are together, if we split it won't be because we missed a ceremony & a white dress..

    on the other hand, he might not be looking forward to a wedding. they are a hassle. I bet if you told him hey lets go down to city hall for 15 bucks & tie the knot, he probably wouldn't object too much. if he does.. then he's just not wanting marriage, period.

    honestly, he gives excuses its odd. I don't even know why having your own place maters. if your together anyways, what difference does it make in getting married- if you want to marry.

    anyways, try the city hall plan. if he refuses, he's not into marriage. you can't get more convenient than city hall.

    • ive told him I don't want a wedding at all and suggested that instead. If its no big deal then why can't we just do it? it won't change the way we are but I'll be happier lol.

    • yes no that's definitely true. its not a big deal, he should have no problem doing it. he's already living with u, he can't be scared of the unknown. I would ask him why he does not want to. & don't fall for we need more money, we need a house, we need a car, we need a pool table, we need a yacht. I mean jut talk to him seriously about what he's feeling in terms of marriage, because what he's thinking is proven to be bullsh*t. something id bothering ihm,m and he's looking for excuses to cover up that.