Can he love me after two months?

I've been dating my boyfriend for two months now and he already says he loves me, can that actually be possible?

We met through work, I tried to break up with him after the second week and he cried, at work, in front of my customers, I didn't take him back because of that. We've gone out on 6 dates and we know each others families pretty well and I've given him a bj...
To his credit, he did say he loved me, before I gave him a bj...and I'm not that pretty of person.


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  • I'd say it takes at least that long to get past the initial buzz of a new relationship. So probably not. Hard to say without more history. How you met, how you've spent your time, was one of you a rebound, etc. Its probably the buzz talking. Give it time if you are interested. If he is still saying it after several months then I'd say its possible.


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  • It could , I guess, under the right circumstances, be love. However, I would be more worried about the two week breakup-crying thing. Doesn't sound too mature. And why are you doing the bj when you really don't care about him much. That probably further confused him! Just break it off and move on.


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  • Of course it's possible. I don't put stipulations on when someone falls in love. I would be a little more worried if it was two weeks but after two months I would cut him some slack.

  • He is either really infatuated w/ you and doesn't know what love really is, or he is just using that line to get some. I'm assuming it's the first one if he cried in front of everyone when y'all broke up.

  • Lust not love.

    • That's what I told him...but he promised that it isn't, idk anymore.

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